Illinois Data Profiles

Epidemiology of Alcohol Use: State of Illinois 2008


Through an assessment funded by the Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant awarded to Illinois in 2004, three statewide priorities for substance abuse prevention were identified: underage alcohol use, binge drinking, and alcohol-involved motor vehicle crash fatalities. As a follow up to that assessment process, CPRD has compiled this document on behalf of the Illinois State Epidemiologic Outcomes Workgroup (SEOW). The goal of this profile is to illustrate the trends and contributing factors associated with our three alcohol priorities.
Epidemiology of Alcohol Use: State of Illinois 2008
Composite Prevention Profiles
To meet an important need for prevention planning for communities without easy access to local youth survey data, CPRD has synthesized multiple years of Illinois Youth Survey data into logical composite groupings (e.g., rural, urban, suburban, Chicago) and posted these documents online. These profiles present normative substance use and attitudinal trends for different types of communities. Click on the links below to download IYS Composite Profiles.
Composite Prevention Profile: Chicago, Illinois

Composite Prevention Profile: Suburban Chicago

Composite Prevention Profile: Other Urban/Suburban Illinois Counties

Composite Prevention Profile: Rural Illinois Counties