Tools and Databases

Juvenile Monitoring Information System - JMIS      

This web-based data management system allows all Illinois Juvenile Detention Centers to electronically submit data to the state, search for detained youth, and generate reports. The JMIS system creates greater coordination of information among agencies working in juvenile justice.

Juvenile Justice Data Project - JWatch          

JWatch is a web-based data management system of juvenile justice data for the 2nd Judicial Circuit in Illinois.  JWatch will be used to better manage and understand the juvenile offender population, identify appropriate services, and assess program effectiveness and system performance.

Illinois Data Profiles         

To meet an important need for prevention planning for communities without easy access to local youth survey data, CPRD has synthesized multiple years of Illinois Youth Survey data into logical composite groupings (e.g., rural, urban, suburban, Chicago) and posted these documents online. These profiles present normative substance use and attitudinal trends for different types of communities. In addition, CPRD has created a statewide profile that illustrates the trends and contributing factors associated with the state's top three alcohol priorities: underage alcohol use, binge drinking, and alcohol-involved motor vehicle crash fatalities.

Personal Responsibility Education Program - PREP

The PREP Entry and Exit surveys are designed to measure youth attitudes, behaviors, and program satisfaction at the beginning and end of participation in PREP curriculum sessions. These surveys have been approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) nationally and the University of Illinois Institutional Review Board locally, and are required for all PREP programs.

Prevention Hub

The Prevention Hub is an online data collection system that accepts, stores and displays data from Illinois Department of Human Services funded agencies. Through the Prevention Hub, prevention providers can store and access their implementation data, IDHS can utilize data to generate reports, and IDHS contractors can review data to provide necessary support to funded agencies.

Prevention Research Briefs

These documents provide a summary of supporting research for each of the Illinois' Substance Abuse Prevention Programs allowable prevention approaches. These research briefs include information on rationale, outcomes and implementation for each approach.