Statewide Evaluation of the Illinois Prevention System

CPRD provides evaluation and data management services that support the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) Substance Abuse Prevention System (SAPP). CPRD partners with state policy makers, the statewide professional development contractor, and local prevention staff to gather, analyze, and use data to drive decisions. 

Effective Program Implementation (EPI

EPI is an evaluation system designed to assess the quality of program implementation across all SAPP-funded programs. EPI includes process evaluation tools customized for each SAPP prevention approach and agency- and state-level feedback reports. CPRD annually reviews the completed tools from each agency and provides feedback to both agencies and the IDHS regarding the quality of prevention efforts across the state. These data are used at both an agency and state level to address problems and improve programs. 

Provider Workforce Survey

The biannual Provider Workforce Survey assesses prevention workforce beliefs, attitudes, and practices of SAPP-funded providers. CPRD provides IDHS and SAPP-funded agency directors and staff with the analysis of the information collected. Through this survey, IDHS has been able to track trends in staff turnover and knowledge of prevention strategies to improve the Illinois prevention system.