Illinois Partnerships for Success Grant Evaluation (PFS)

Illinois has been awarded a grant to reduce underage drinking among high school students by 2014. CPRD serves as the evaluation contractor to assist the Illinois Department of Human Services monitor progress toward that goal and extract important lessons throughout the grant implementation. A subset of Illinois communities receive funding to address their own underage alcohol issues through prevention strategies that affect both the demand for and supply of alcohol to youth. CPRD helps these communities gather, compile, and use data to drive decisions and ultimately impact the unique factors in each community that contribute to underage alcohol use.

One important statewide group for the PFS Grant is the Illinois State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup (SEOW); a group of state and local data experts who have knowledge of, proximity to, or frequently use state-level data. SEOW Members represent several state or regional agencies and data organizations, bringing together epidemiology, data analysis, data management, and data usage. Find out more about the work of the Illinois SEOW.

State of Illinois Prescription Drug Epidemiological Profile