School Improvement Self-Study

Welcome to the School Improvement Self-Study!

The School Improvement Self-Study is a user-friendly data collection system for surveying teachers, students, administrators, and parents. The Self-Study Surveys help middle schools and high schools gather reliable data about the instructional, classroom, and administrative practices affecting the teaching and learning process. Self-Study data can be used for school improvement planning and monitoring, grant writing, accreditation, and NCLB.

The federal NCLB Act requires all schools to document Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for all subgroups of students. Schools need the right tools to evaluate and assess the educational experiences of all students, especially as it pertains to academic achievement and AYP. We think the best way to do this is with an ongoing school improvement plan based on data from students, teachers, parents, and administrators. Our surveys, technical assistance, and data analysis can help!

We have more information on the School Improvement Self-Study-such as how you can use it, what types of questions are asked, and how much it costs. Click here for information specific to:

High School and Middle School Info

Individual Schools

Upon completion of the Self-Study, each school receives a comprehensive data notebook, User's Guide, Toolkit, and CD to help them use their data to make decisions (i.e., a data-based decision-making process). Longitudinal data is provided for schools to examine trends over multiple survey years.

In addition, CPRD provides technical assistance so schools can make the best use of their data. For example, CPRD will work with the school to determine how to "disaggregate" or break down the data by subgroups (e.g., gender, ethnicity, % free/reduced-price lunch) in order to examine underlying factors that influence achievement scores.

School Districts

School districts can also use the Self-Study for multiple schools. Districts receive an "aggregate" data notebook of all of their schools combined, and can select from a variety of trainings tailored to the needs of each school. CPRD provides technical assistance and data disaggregations (broken down into subgroups) to both the individual school and the school district.

More information

We've summarized some of the information here, and provide sample data charts and tables, but let us know if you'd like more information on the School Improvement Self-Study surveys. We have an information packet we can send you by clicking on the "Request Information" link on the right, and we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have about the surveys and their role in your overall school improvement plan.