State and Community Prevention Systems

More than ever, state and community agencies are expected to use data to guide their decisions and measure their success. CPRD has the tools, technology, training, and services to meet the needs of both large state departments and local community based agencies. We help organizations to effectively use data to better serve their clients.

Evaluation of the Illinois Substance Abuse Prevention System

CPRD provides evaluation and data management services that support the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) Substance Abuse Prevention System (SAPP). CPRD partners with state policy makers, the statewide professional development contractor, and local prevention staff to gather, analyze, and use data to drive decisions.

Illinois Partnerships for Success Grant Evaluation

Illinois has been awarded a grant to reduce underage drinking among high school students by 2014. CPRD serves as the evaluation contractor to help the Illinois Department of Human Services monitor progress toward that goal and extract important lessons throughout the grant implementation. A subset of Illinois communities will receive funding to address their own underage alcohol issues through prevention strategies that affect both the demand for and supply of alcohol to youth. CPRD will help these communities gather, compile, and use data to drive decisions and ultimately impact the unique factors in each community that contribute to underage alcohol use. This federally funded project comes on the heels of the Illinois Strategic Prevention Framework grant, previously awarded to Illinois to integrate a data-driven planning, implementation, and evaluation process into state- and community-level prevention initiatives. Illinois has been among the first cohort of SAMHSA State Incentive Grant recipients since 1997, and CPRD has been the state evaluator for the duration.