Child and Family Programs

CPRD helps agencies, organizations, and community service providers make child and family programs and human service systems more efficient and effective.  Our services include development of evaluation strategies, data collection systems, and data analysis in order to help agencies improve their mental health services to young children.

Evaluation of the FASD Prevention Program

Increasing the number of women who completely abstain from drinking alcohol during pregnancy is the goal the Illinois Department of Human Services Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) Prevention Program.  In 2008, CPRD will collect and analyze data providing critical information to the Illinois FASD Task Force. This information is used to improve and expand this demonstration project to other areas in Illinois.

Evaluation of the Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Project

The Consultation Project, funded by the Illinois Children's Mental Health Partnership and Voices for Illinois Children, implements a mental health consultation model that helps local agencies address the mental health needs of young children ages 0 to 7. CPRD is assessing how the model is adopted by local mental health providers. Our work focuses on identifying qualities and characteristics that support or interfere with model adoption. Findings from this project may ultimately be used to improve the quality of early childhood mental health services in Illinois.

Illinois Head Start Data Project

CPRD is the data partner for the Illinois Head Start Data Project directed and funded by the Illinois Head Start Association (IHSA). The goals of the data project are: 1) Data infrastructure development in order to establish a data warehouse that supports the storage, organization, and linking of Head Start longitudinal data; 2) Continuous quality improvement such that Head Start data are reported to assist programs with understanding and improving the quality and impacts of the program; and 3) Research and evaluation whereby Head Start data are analyzed to demonstrate, track, and document positive outcomes in order to guide policy decisions. In addition to IHSA, CPRD works with Head Start and Early Head Start Programs throughout the state.

Teen Parent Family Services

The goal of the Illinois Department of Human Services' Teen Parent Family Services initiative is to strenghten the relationships between teen parents, their child, and extended family.  Training and suppport services are provided to improve parent and family relationships. CPRD's evaluation is designed to measure how well these services are provided and the outcomes of the program on the participating mothers and children.